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Your Questions

Hi Gok Loving off the rails but can not find the bell sleeved off the shoulder striped zara top from 8th feb ep anywhere help?
Ellie Ball

dear gok since my mum passed last year ive put on a lot of weight, i hate my body and want to know how to look good again. please help? xox
Josie Jane

Hi Gok. I am after a dress for a friends party but unsure what style to go for. I am between sizes 18/20. Really need your help. x

When are you going to bring back HTLGN? I love it - watching reruns and honestly it makes me cry - I get how they feel. PLEASE come back!

I give birth 6 months ago so feel slightly frumpy. I would like some guidance in styling and move away from just being a mum.
Claire Welch

I am 5ft 1 and a size 18 I am looking to find some nice trousers that are versatile to wear day to night with a nice top , please help me

I am a size 18 and do not know how to look good. Feel a frumpy 56. What can I wear to look and FEEL good please? Loosing weight not working
Joy White

Hey Gok, I wear a blue denim shirt with white denim jeans, is this "double denim" I am a 42 male and my kids say it is inappropriate.Haha
Ian Cross

hello gok have you ever thought about designing clothes for the over 80s. my mother is 96 and still looks amazing but I find buying hard.
patricia Franklin

Hi Gok, my mother is a beautiful lollipop shape! Very big breasts and very skinny legs! what type of clothing would suit her shape? X

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Gok says

From Toni - Liverpool:
Hey Gok! I'm extremely obsessed with shoes! and I'm thinking about designing my own... any ideas how to go about doing it? xx

Get your pencil out and start drawing, its as simple as that- then maybe you can sign up to a course or an apprenticeship! the world is your oyster!

From Gemma:
Hi Gok, I'm after a dress 4 a wedding but have just given birth so want a flattering dress. I'm big busted and a size 16. Can u help me?

A Diane von furstenberg wrap around dress would be amazing or go for something a little 40's like a peplum

From Natalie:
Hi gok. My news years resolution is to get out there and date more. Any advice for me to be more confident in meeting guys xx

Remember, guys should like you for who you are, your confidence and their qualities need to come from your personality, humour and morals, bear that in mind the next time you talk to a man.

From Sandra Casali :
Hi Gok my best friend not dated in 20 yrs. How can I help get her confidence back. help. Sorry cos am sure this not 1st time u been asked

Be her friend and tell her she's beautiful and make her realise that dating and finding the right man has to come from within first!

From Maria :
Hi Gok, I have been single for over two years and have been told that I dress kind of boyish. I am 33, 5"9 size 12, Any advice :) TX

dressing more feminine doesn't necessarily mean you will get a partner- if you are comfortable with your style then continue what your doing just make sure you show your self off for the your true potential

From Stylish 58 yrs young! :
Hi Gok, I'm wearing a 60's style dress in black/grey/white tweed for a wedding in March. Would you bring in a colour for the accessories?

No keep it monochrome and true 60's style!

From Cherrel :
Hi Gok, Can you suggest a great way of raising money using fashion for our Day Hospice based in St. Albans

Hi Charrel, you could hold a swap shop where people have to pay an entrance fee to get in- these are always bags of fun- and people get a real chance to completely re-shape their wardrobe! Xxx

From Lauren :
Hi Gok, I've just got engaged and would like to look fabulous on my wedding day. I'm 5'1 and size 18, What style dress would suit me best?

Hey Lauren, firstly congratulations I hope you have the most amazing day! It's very difficult for me to judge without seeing you but I do love the corseted wedding dresses I think there is something very classic about them and as long as your bangers aren't too on show it will look very classy indeed- that is not to say you shouldn't show a cheeky bit of cleavage!?! I also love it when a dress uses a mesh or sheer material on the sleeves it just looks great and is fantastic for those of us conscious about our arms! Good lucky gorgeous! X

From TARA - New Zealand :
Hi Gok, I'm 6ft tall, was 106 kgs, now 80, hv small bust, broad shoulders and hips, but kinda have a waist. What shape am I?help!

Hi Tara, when I was last down under working with Westfield they developed a body shape calculator which is available to anyone online so go and check it out and I'm sure it will help you xxx >

From Av :
Hello you fabulous Man! my mum just recovered from breast cancer,has lost her confidence, any ideas how to cet her back to her amazing self?

Hi Av! Well you obviously care a lot about your mum and that is the most important thing- she will need all the people she loves around her- show her that you are there for her and remind her how amazing she is and how many people love her! Send her all my love and I wish her all the best in her recovery! X

From LaLaLiz :
PLEASE can you make 'Gorgeous' perfume - I really love the smell!

Hey you- that's a great idea and I am hoping to look into it very soon! Xxx

From Natalie :
Hi Gok, I feel like ive got legs like twigs,now its gettin warm i wanna wear shorter skirts,what kind of style will make them look better? x

Natalie my darling first off I never want you to say your legs look like twigs ever again! If you were in front of me right now I just know they would be gorgeous! There are so many styles on the high street right now you need to go and take some time trying all different ones on and make sure not only that you love the look but also that you are comfortable! I'm loving prints and paisley right now - and of course if you can find a skirt with some structuring and detailed tailoring they will always look classy and sophisticated!

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