Gok with a wok – yes, he loves food as much as fashion

Gok with a wok - yes, he loves food as much as fashionA revealing five-minute interview

Why have you written a Chinese cookbook?

Gok says: It’s a book that accompanies my new TV series. These are all my own Chinese family recipes, the dishes I enjoyed while growing up and the ones I love. I grew up around food. I was trained, wok in hand, by my father, working in his Chinese takeaway and doing front of house. I wanted to debunk the myth that Chinese food is difficult and complicated and you need a multitude of tools. It’s not and you don’t. With my book, all the ingredients are available widely in supermarkets – there are just a handful which you’ll need to go to a Chinese supermarket for – and I show you that there are just five key utensils that are essential. All the recipes are really, really quick and I guarantee that once you’ve tried them you’ll be cooking Chinese for the rest of your life.

Q What are you more passionate about: food or fashion?

Gok says: A hard one to answer. Fashion is really important to me. I love clothes, they’ve always been in my life. When it comes to food, it’s all about the ingredients and dishes I like to eat. It’s a personal journey, too, but really I think food and fashion are important to me in equal measure.

Q What’s your favourite Chinese dish?

Gok says: It’s wonton dumplings with noodles. My dad taught me to cook it and it’s a Hong Kong Chinese recipe, which works really well. It’s probably the most loved recipe in my repertoire and I’ve cooked it thousands of times.

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