Brisbane Times: Gok Wan to the frocking rescue

UK Fashion guru Gok Wan in front of women who received pro make-overs as part of his Australian Westfield Style Tour. Photo: Max Mason-Hubers  Read more:

There was only one word to describe Gok Wan’s Westfield Garden City styling show- hilarious.

Some of the quotes from when he first stepped on stage were –

“I do clothes very well, but I do boys better,” and “this girl’s fashion sense is like Brisbane’s gay scene, almost non existent.”

Needless to say, he connected with the audience straight away with his friendly and bubbly personality and never ceased making the audience and I laugh at his never ending jokes – handy when you’re dealing with the often fraught world of fashion.

During the show he called six random audience members up and shared some styling advice depending on their body shapes. There were a mix of shapes from pears, rectangles, triangles, apples, hourglasses and inverted triangles.

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