femalefirst.co.uk: Gok Wan interview

Gok Wan is known for making us look good on the outside, but now he’s encouraging us to take care of ourselves on the inside too. He talks to us about diet, fitness and New Year’s Resolutions

Tell us about your new campaign that’s launched this New Year with Activia.
It’s the brand new campaign for 2013 and it’s all about feeling good from within, the campaign is completely on point with everything I’ve been doing for the last 10 years on television. It’s about getting women to feel good about themselves and not succumbing to the pressures of yo-yo dieting, hard-core campaigns or the plastic surgery side, it’s all about treating yourself and making sure that you’re ok and looking after yourself and everything else will fall into place.

Why’s it important that women take time for themselves and make themselves feel good on the inside?
I think that women are under more pressure than they have ever been under, and that’s down to lots of things like the economy, work, keeping up with your lifestyle, families and so forth and I’ve found that a lot of the women that I’ve worked with over the years the person who comes last in their lives is themselves because they spend so much time caring about other people. That is brilliant and that is great, I do believe in looking after the people around you but at the same time, health and wellbeing is about looking after yourself. It isn’t about having expensive massages or going to weekend spas it’s about you looking after your standard of living and your health is a massive part of that. As everybody knows I don’t promote diets, I don’t tell people that they should lose weight, what I do do is I tell women that they have to look after themselves, whether that’s a manicure once a month or eating the right food which gives them a level of energy to get on with their lives or being kind to themselves and putting themselves first for once.

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