Five minutes with… Gok Wan

Five minutes with… Gok Wanmadison: Winter is on its way in Australia and a cold weather wardrobe can be really expensive. Any advice for staying on-trend without going broke?
Buy separates and also customise – i.e. taking hems up and sleeves off etc. Clothes swap with your friends and go charity/vintage store shopping!

m: In terms of winter coats there are a few options. Are there any styles that certain body shapes should stick to or avoid at all costs?
: Everybody’s body is completely unique, so my main advice is to try on a few different styles and go for whatever makes you feel comfortable and fabulous – a belt to nip in the waist never goes a-miss!

m: Is there a trend you’re finding yourself in love with this year?
G: 1950s prep is so gorgeous!

m: What do you love about styling women and where do you think you got your insight from?
: I like listening to women and hearing their fashion dilemmas. From all the questions women have asked me in the past I have wanted to find them a solution and I’m not afraid to get things wrong!

m: Why have you chosen to style “real women” instead of celebrities?
: I’ve done my years of styling celebrities and I wanted the challenge of styling real women in beautiful clothes to make them feel amazing!

m: How can women strike a balance between dressing on-trend and dressing to suit their shape?
: They should always dress their shape before trend – they should work out what trends that season will work for them – i.e. 50s hourglass, 60s column etc.

m: Who is one of the most inspirational women you’ve ever styled?
: Dawn French (the British TV actress), she’s just adorable, humble and giving.

m: How would you describe your personal style of dressing?
: Schizophrenic.

m: What are the fashion sources, in terms of magazines, websites etc., that you check out regularly to keep up to date with trends?
: ,, and elle collections.

m: What are you looking forward to getting up to in Sydney during your down time?
G: Eating, catching up with friends, shopping and learning more about what the locals get up to.

m: Tell us about your next project and any other exciting ventures you have in the works.
: This year is a year of firsts, can’t talk about most of it yet, but hopefully you will be getting my new show and cook book any time soon!

m: If you could give Australian women one piece of style advice what would it be?
: Dress for yourself, to please yourself and know yourself and nobody else.

m: And finally, what are some of your favourite pass times to help you relax after a gruelling day of makeovers?
Relaxing with friends and eating or cooking a good Chinese meal.

Gok Wan will be returning to Australia in May for the ‘Westfield Style Tour’ from 17 – 27 May. For further details visit