My Interview With Stylist Gok Wan (Part 2) | Validation, Make Up, & Why We Blog

Finally – here’s part two of my interview with stylist, author and TV presenter Gok Wan! I was lucky enough to be invited as a VIP (along with four other gorgeous bloggers) by Activia UK to attend their Feel Good From Within campaign event in Westfield, London the other week. I split the interview into two parts as we talked about so much – you can read part one here, which covered weight loss, self esteem for teens and 40+ women, plastic surgery, and live TV.

This second part is just as fascinating, and we covered seeking validation, make up, why we blog and his favourite Gok TV shows, amongst other things. (See photo below for the other blogger’ names and links 🙂

So here’s part two – enjoy!

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