Q+A with fashion consultant Gok Wan

British fashion consultant, author and television presenter Gok Wan gives us a preview of Westfield’s new Style I.D, plus a few other important style tips.
Q+A with fashion consultant Gok WanTell us a bit about Westfield’s new Style I.D. and what it involves.

It’s all on the website (’s about how to work out what exactly your personal style is with some guidance.

Can you give us some examples of how body shape affects fashion style choice? e.g. what “pear-shaped” women should be looking out for, etc.

It’s a big old question this one, if you go to the Westfield website again then you’re going to be able to get your body shape analysis, it will also give you all the tips on what to dress for your body shape, but just remember not all pear shapes are the same, equally not are all hour glasses, so just use the information that works best for you.

It’s a controversial fashion topic for many – are leggings okay to wear as pants, or a big no-no?

I’m not a personal lover of leggings, I think that what you should do is if you want to wear a pair of leggings or get that silhouette then maybe go for a ‘jodper’ or go for a ‘cigarette’ pant.

Do you believe there’s a go-to accessory that can finish off any outfit?

I always think that a bag finishes off any outfit, whether its oversized day bag, whether it’s a beautiful clutch bag, or whether it’s an over the shoulder micro bag – for me they are the perfect accessory.

We’re heading into winter in Australia soon – are there any colder-weather trends that we should be looking out for?

I think simple knit layering in micro knits is a really good way to finish it off. There’s a lot of metallic out there at the moment so make sure that the material has got some metallic through it if you can, it adds a moment of glam to sometimes the most boring outfits. Jersey also has made it off the runway into the high street, so make sure that when you’re wearing your jersey it is as fitted as possible and not slouchy, so it doesn’t look like track pants.

Women will also be looking to invest in a pair of boots. Do different styles of boots suit different body shapes better than others?

No, boots are generic pieces which should fit most people, the only thing you might struggle with is calf size, but pretty much boots are fair going for everyone.

Does great style have to be expensive or can it be done well on a budget?

I think everyone can look absolutely amazing regardless of what you’ve got to spend, obviously the less amount of money you have the harder you’re going to have to work, but sometimes you get creative and you earn a lot more out of your outfit by doing it that way.

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