Gok Wan’s Tips On Finding The Perfect Specs

Gok Wan's Tips On Finding The Perfect SpecsEverybody’s favourite fashion stylist Gok Wan shares his tips on looking fashionable and chic while wearing specs this winter, including finding the perfect frame for all face shapes.

As part of his mission to transform women from drab to fab, Gok recently teamed up with Specsavers to create his debut collection of retro glasses to help spec-wearers stay ahead in the fashion field.

“The GW collection is about using fashion glasses as a creative statement piece for the face. We’ve used some great techniques to make this range stand out, such as striped wood effect finishes, bottle green etching and jewel-coloured marbling. The collection has a very retro, iconic feel, with influences from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s,” says Gok.

Gok believes that spec-wearers no longer need to hide behind their glasses but in fact start flaunting them. Here are his top five tips for selecting the perfect pair of frames:

1. Face shape
Choose frames that are the opposite to the shape of your face. For example, if you have a round face you should go for a square frame.

2. Fit
Consider the width of your frames. If they are too narrow on your face they will make your eyes look close together. Likewise, they should be no wider than the width of your face at the temples as they may distort your face shape.

3. Hair
Light frames keep the focus firmly on the hair, so if your hairstyle is your key feature, it’s best to go for lighter coloured glasses or something rimless. Green-toned frames look fantastic with red hair and tortoiseshell is fabulous against auburn hair.

4. Nose
Long noses suit a lower bridge and a thick plastic frame, while shorter noses can be balanced with a high bridge or a frame with a thicker brow line.

5. Personality
I think you can break the rules when it comes to fashion and create a style that expresses your mood. For instance, there are days when I want something that shrieks confidence, so I choose bold statement specs that ooze attitude. Other days, I just want a lovely frame that complements my outfit. Never be afraid to experiment. Are you a fan of wearing specs or do you prefer contact lenses?

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