The Telegraph: Gok’s Teens: the Naked Truth, Channel 4, review

Gok's Teens: the Naked Truth, Channel 4, reviewGok Wan is on his way to national treasure status – and his new show, Gok’s Teens: the Naked Truth (Channel 4), in which he addresses the problems of vulnerable teenagers, will only accelerate the climb.

Wan is the inspirational presenter who lavishes warmth, advice and hugs on a nation with body confidence issues; everybody needs a Gok.

In last night’s opener, Wan, who has himself struggled with eating disorders, helped a 15-year-old girl who had suffered from anorexia, a boy with Klinefelter’s syndrome – a sex chromosome disorder – who was unable to leave the house alone for fear of being bullied about his body shape, and a girl with a skewed perception of beauty.

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