Fashion guru Gok Wan and martial arts expert Kwoklyn Wan on their brotherly love

Gok Wan has his fashion, Kwoklyn is into martial arts, but as brothers they couldn’t be closer

“Kwoklyn is my big brother and I love him to pieces. We were brought up pretty much as twins. At about age four or five we’d walk around my dad’s restaurant, both in a dicky bow and mini tux. We called ourselves the BBs, which stood for the Bad Boys. It was me and my brother against the world right from the start. It was a tough place where we grew up – a council estate in Leicester. At first it was harder on me, and then he experienced bullying, too. Kwoklyn’s so protective of me. He changed dramatically from 16 to 18 – he went from being a rocker with long crimped hair and eyeliner to dressing like our dad and defending the family. Our names translate into what we’re like: his meaning is quiet, village life. My real name is Kowkhyn, meaning metropolis, lots of noise.”

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