Welcome to my first ever fansite!!!!

Dearest Gokettes,

I am so excited about sharing my news, pictures, fashion blogs, videos and a whole lot more with you gorgeous people!

The site will also have a whole page dedicated to budding new fashion writers. This will be your place to discuss all things fashion, darling!
Simply send your fashion write ups to info@gokwan.com and each month I will choose one of you and showcase your fabulous work! Happy writing!!!

Each month I will personally write a Newsletter telling you all about the exciting things I’m up to including; Book tour signing dates, new TV shows, guest appearances, fashion parties and a few ‘Gok’ surprises!  I will also answer some of your fashion questions, so sign up for the newsletter and send your fashion dilemmas to info@gokwan.com

This site is brand new and needs your input! If you’d like to see, hear or know anything from me then just let me know!

See you soon gorgeousnessessss!

Aunty Gok


Gok Wan