Gok’s charity of the month – December 2011: Pedal Power

Pedal PowerI visited Pedal Power back in September and was overwhelmed by the generosity and love of all the staff that worked there. I was lucky enough to try out some of the bikes and also meet some of the guys who are being given a unique opportunity to learn to ride for the first time.

This has only been made possible because of the specisalist bikes they have that suit people with all different needs from all walks of life. I have just started biking again after many years and it has reminded me that it is such a simple pleasure- yet it cannot be enjoyed by all unless they have the correct equipment for their needs.

Pedal Power gives this opportunity for everyone and we need to support them so they can keep offering this amazing facility!

Gok x


For further information please contact:

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Pedal Power

Pedal Power – Cycle Centre & Bike Hire “Making cycling accessible to all”

Pedal Power is a Cardiff-based charity whose aims are to make cycling accessible to everyone in South Wales.

Initially set up to support a project for adults with learning disabilities, it soon became apparent that many more people could benefit, and so the charity soon adopted its main aim to “to make cycling accessible to all.”

Pedal Power’s role is to provide a high quality cycling service that meets the needs of people of all ages and abilities 7 days a week. We have a general cycle hire as well as accessible facilities, specialised bikes and accessories to enable everybody to cycle.

Pedal Power works closely with children and adults with profound disabilities. They have a physiotherapist (funded by BBC Children in Need) to help assess their needs. Pedal Power is also working with Cardiff University to determine the benefits of cycling for children with cerebral palsy.

Pedal Power is funded by grants, proceeds from cycle hire, donations and fundraising. Their aim is to become self funding through general cycle hire and cycle maintenance service.

These are some of their cyclists’ success stories:

  • Members of the Alzheimer Society re-discovered cycling skills when they visited, and one member who had just handed back his driving licence enjoyed having the control of a bike with his wife as co-pilot.
  • Young people from a local school for children with autism have learnt basic cycling skills, some on 3 wheelers, and some on 2 wheelers – this means that they are now able to cycle safely as a group.
  • One young man, who has cerebral palsy, is now able to go on cycling holidays with family and friends, and on a 200 mile trip, he pedalled 40 miles on his own. He uses a trike and has a footplate to keep his foot on the pedal.
  • Another 10 year old with cerebral palsy hired a trike for a month while she was on holiday – this meant that she could cycle with her friends, and was not left on her own while her friends went off cycling.