StonewallStonewall is the lesbian, gay and bisexual charity that works to achieve equality and justice for lesbian, gay and bisexual people at home, at work and in school.

The Education for All campaign aims to tackle and prevent homophobic bullying through working with schools and developing resources to equip teachers with the skills and confidence to talk about lesbian, gay and bisexual issues in class. In July 2011 Gok supported Stonewall through taking part in the Education for All Conference as a speaker.

If you would like to get involved there are many ways you can do this! Stonewall hold several events throughout the year including the Brighton Walk and Summer Party or you could even run one of your own and put a donate button on your website. You can donate to Stonewall, either by just giving money or by fundraising through sponsorship. Or you may even want to consider volunteering with Stonewall.

Keep up to date with Stonewall’s work on Facebook and Twitter.