Banish the baggies

Last night at dinner I was asked, “what is the most common mistake women make with their clothes?”

This is a tricky one to answer since every woman is different but I think the area women struggle most is the basic fit.

We’ve all done it. We pile on the un-tailored, oversized baggy sweatshirts in a bid to disguise what we hate the most, most commonly our tummies and bums. The thing is girls, if you do that it will always make you look bigger! There is nothing wrong with layering up and adding dynamics to outfits with fine knits and soft jersey, but fleeces and sack like jumpers will not only drown your beautiful bodies, it will also suffocate your confidence.

I urge you girls, try to tailor up. It doesn’t matter what dress size you are, a well fitted jacket with a good shoulder or a fabulous pair of quality trousers will ALWAYS make you appear more in proportion!

Banish the bin liner baggies and flaunt that figure fitting fabulousness!!!

Viva La Glam!

Aunty Gok