Jean Genie!!!

It’s rumoured, Joan Collins is responsible for us wearing Jeans in the UK. My sources tell me she discovered them in the US, fell in love with their adaptable and easy wearability and decided to bring them home to Blightly. Before we knew it, everyone who was anyone was stretching denim across their derrieres!

It’s hard to imagine a Jeanless world! No bootcuts to slim and elongate, no skinny to dress up with heels and no slouchies to help comfort those dress down days. Some people ‘heart’ New York, some people ‘heart’ cake – Well, I ‘heart’ jeans!

I want to roll around in a field of denim, brush that sensual cotton against my skin and lay by moonlight staring deep into my jeans stitching!

Jeans are my love affair without compromise or expectation. They will never cheat on me (if I look after them), they will never make me pay the bill (if I wash them properly) and just when I need a little more affection, they squeeze my bum and hold me tight.

Gokettes – If you ever find a pair of jeans that treat you right, hold onto them for dear life as a good pair of denims is hard to find!