My top tips for body confidence!

My new Sainsbury’s collection is in stores today! If you need a boost, here are my top confidence tips.


  • Every woman I’ve met would change at least one thing about their body. YOU’RE NOT ALONE! Don’t hide away. Get out there. Life’s too short!
  • Have a healthy mirror. Look deeper than your reflection. Your mind & soul don’t have a dress size. It’s way too big! Big is beautiful
  • Dress your personality. Tell the world who you are without saying a word.
  • Trust you own sense of style. Coco, McQueen and the other greats are applauded for their uniqueness. And so should you!
  • Love every part of you or one day you’ll look back & wonder why the hell you wasted so much time worrying. Life’s for living! live it!
  • The best accessory EVER is confidence. So make yours a large one and dress today in a statement swag!

Tell me in the comments below what tips you have for body confidence! xx