Christmas Poem Competition Winners!

Congratulations to my three amazing Gokettes who wrote these fantastic Christmas poems! There were 1000’s of fantastic entries which had me in stitches but these three really topped it! Have an amazing Christmas and expect your hand-crafted card in the post very soon!!! Big hugs xxx

Gail Fox-
A gokettes not for xmas,
A gokette is for life.
We have to be ur girlfriends,
Cos we cannot be ur wife.
Melissa Anderson-
Xmas comes just once a year,
the festive bells are clanging,
Auntie Gok loves us curvy girls,
because our baps are banging!!
Faye Spensley-
Jingle Bells
wardrobe hell,
I need my Aunty Gok.
To guide the way in the North Star way
To magic me up a frock!